Bed bugs, the modern nightmare!!!!

If you are suffering them now or you did before, you know what I mean... sleepless nights, itchy bites and the worst, think that your loved ones are suffering the same as you.

Bed bugs are difficult to kill and the products that actually work are very limited:

- DE, doesn't really work because it takes too long to kill the bed bugs and they change the skin in the meantime, so it looses its effectivity.

- Traditional insecticides, bed bugs have evolutionated and are resistant to them already.

- Bombs/Foggers: they dont work because the product can't reach the places where bed bugs hide.

- Steamers: you need to find all the bugs, that, is virtually impossible.

On top of that, everywhere and everybody tells you that you have to wash all your clothes and put them in bags and throw away your things....


Chinchex is the new insecticide that has been developed to kill bed bugs, and Hey!! it works!!! you don't believe it? Why is it so good?:

- It is virtually safe to humans

- It is basically DE in steroids, let me explain... DE is composed by natural silica (about 50%) and other things, it kills the bed bugs by making small cuts to their skin and dehydrating them, it is like sand paper and has a very low desiccating capacity. What happens is that the bed bugs hurt and run away from DE, and even if affected, as it has a low desiccating capacity, it takes too long for them to die and they change the skin so the process starts from zero again... In my experience, DE is very good for controlling a bed bugs infestation but will never completely exterminate it. In the other hand, ChinCheX is pure silica gel that has been evolved to have an extreme desiccating capacity to bed bugs, it doesn't cut them so they don't run away, and they die within 24 hours, so no time to change their skin.

- There is no necessity to throw away anything or wash all your clothes, if you follow the instructions in the website they will have to touch ChinCheX when they try to reach you to bite and if they touch it they will irremediably die.    

If that is not enough to convince you, if you buy it and a couple of week and a couple of applications later you still have bed bugs, you can get the money that you spent back...

Do you want to see how they die?